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Luang Prabang Laos – Lao PDR – Tourism, Travel Tips, Reviews – Luang Prabang

Five Best Luang Prabang Bars


The Luang Prabang party scene is fun and full of opportunity to play. Tons of tourists invade the city making it ever changing. The one thing that does not change is the closing hours with a shocking curfew at 11:30 pm. Consider this a chance to alter routines instead of something worth fighting. Eventually you will find out where to party after hours, but in the beginning, accept it, and work around it. It’s a fun challenge! Read More

Five best Luang Prabang rice and noodle shops


Asia is known for cheap eats and the night market in Luang Prabang with its many buffers, is no exception. However, rice/noodle shops of Luang Prabang is a whole other level of cheap dining. 15,000 kip will get you a fit for a king candle lit sit down dinner (if you bring your own candles) and table service. Not bad for less than 2 USD… Here is our favorite picks from the Luang Prabang rice/noodle shop scene. However, remember to minimize your general MSG intake months after as you will probably consume more over that dinner that you’ve hopefully done in the last couple of years. Read More

Four easy ways to get to Luang Prabang Laos

Fly from Bangkok or other major hubs
It is fairly easy to get to Bangkok from most parts of the world and from there, Luang Prabang is only an hour away. The flight is expensive but no another route beats this one when it comes to efficiency and convenience.

Slow boat from Houeisay
Entering Laos from the north, board the slow boat destined for Luang Prabang. Bring cushions, snacks, drinks and probably a good book if you aren’t an experienced daydreamer and float down the Mekong. The boat will stop in Pakbeng for the night.

You will be glad you took the slow boat, but more for bragging rights (“Oh, you flew? Well I came on the Mekong…”) than actually doing it. The beautiful scenery, coupled with the noise of the engine sadly gets old after a couple of hours.

Bus from the south
The cheapest way to get to Luang Prang is grabbing the bus from South of Luang Prabang, for example Vientiane. The sleeper bus isn’t terrible but the standard (sitting) one is, so make sure which one you buy tickets for. Bring a music device, a scarf and motion sickness pills if you are prone to that. The mountain roads are winding and the experience will hopefully be the closest thing to being in a mixer you will do.

This alternative is the same as the bus, only you will sit in a mini-van and travel during the day. Some prefer that seeing as the can enjoy the beautiful landscape, where as others thinks it’s a waste of wake hours.

Five Best Mid-range Luang Prabang Restaurants


The House
If it wasn’t for sensational Mr Wim, superb food, splendid atmosphere, prime location and the unusually good interior and exterior design, the House in the bar area would not be worth visiting. Seeing at it has all of that and then some, we highly recommend you a visit. Try the chicken kebab (something else than the kind of kebab we are use to) or the steak (not the price we are used to) or anything else of the menu, except maybe the pastas. They are fine, just not worth taking up stomach volume when there is so much else that is far better, but whatever you do on your visit in Luang Prabang, visit the House at least once. The rest is up to you, but you are going to want to come back. Read More

Local Food in Luang Prabang, Laos


Lao food frequently gets compared to Thai food and even though there are similarities, Lao food certainly has its own characteristics. Luang Prabang food is even more specific. Read More

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