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Luang Prabang Laos – Lao PDR – Tourism, Travel Tips, Reviews – Luang Prabang

Weather in Luang Prabang is cold starting from January, but you will miss it in March

In January, nights cool down and wearing socks and a jacket can be advisable. One can not imagine it during the days, but the temperature drops significantly at night. However, you will miss the feeling of almost freezing when we March gets started. The March weather in Luang Prabang can be accused of torture and heat will take a good three hour out of your productive day. In April the city is boiling and the water throwing activities of Pi Mai will makes complete sense. Both because you need to be cooled down and because they prepare you for what is to come – the rainy season. It all starts over again!

Luang Prabang weather IS a big deal.

It will be noticed. You will plan your life around it.
Starting from May, also known as the beginning of the the rainy season, downpours soaks Luang Prabang for a couple of hours each day. However the beginning of the rainy season does not mean it rains all the time. Usually it rains about a normal Hollywood movie long and then it’s beautifully lush out (and extremely muddy). Nevertheless, the weather calls for a good rain jacket and a bit of planning when traveling to explore new places. Ask locals for advice on what hours to go. Also, be extra careful with your possessions, we have noticed an increase of theft and robbery when the rain and thunderstorms drown the sound of illegal activities. Beaware!

Hive Bar Restaurant – Beer Lao on tap


In the heart of the central bar district, the new Hive Bar restaurant has started earning a reputation of delicious food and fun entertainment.

Tuesdays to Saturdays, Hive bar puts on a ethnic fashion show where well coordinated students parade ingenious clothes from various parts of Laos. The students are paid by Hive Bar to be able to afford rehearsing and presenting the show every night, however this act is more a sign of Hive Bar’s social responsibility in Laos. The students are paid as full time staff though only working a few hours.

Hive Bar also stage another group of young performers just after the fashion show, namely the B-Boys. Their freezes and power moves mesh into amusing battles with great balance of toprock and breakdancing. It’s well worth a visit!

Lastly, as the only place in Luang Prabang, Hive Bar serve Beer Lao on tap. Pair that with their appetizing smoked cuisine and you will understand why people are swarming the place. It cannot be stressed enough how incredibly unusual smoked eatables and freezing ice cold beer on tap is in Laos. Drink, eat and enjoy in the Hive!

What to do in Luang prabang Laos

Luang Prabang offers a million activities to do and we will guide you to the bare minimum. When you covered that, you are free to travel onwards if you are in a hurry, but those with a taste for good life are advised to stay to continue to tick things off the list. Read More

Five Best Mid-Range Hotels in Luang Prabang Laos


Luang Prabang has a surprising amount of mid range ($80 – $450 USD) hotels considering its size. If you are assessing staying in one of them, check out what deals they offer, it usually pays in low seasons. Prices drop significantly and free upgrades can be negotiated. Read More

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