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Luang Prabang Laos Guesthouse Curfews


Most guesthouses have a midnight curfew seeing as the town closes down at 11:30 pm. This is because people want to get up to give alms to the monks in the morning. Us tourists, on the other hand, usually enjoy staying up. What to do?
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Weather in Luang Prabang is the best starting in October.

The rainy season continues all the way until September remaining pretty much the same all the way through until September (obviously easing in and out of it in the beginning/end). October until February is when it is especially nice in Laos. It is warm, sunny and lush. The high season has not actually started in October so prices still a bit lower, everything is a bit quieter but the weather doesn’t get better. Cool at nights and sunny during the days with fifty shades of green you will not be disappointed (as you might have been by the book). Luang Prabang weather in October is splendid!

Weather in Luang Prabang will make you retort to air con, but be careful!

We are still waiting for the official recognition of medical experts but we are pretty sure air con flu is a deadly disease. Ok, maybe not deadly but incredibly inconvenient. Runny nose, sore throat and a general feeling of sickness can usually be linked to sleeping in a room with air con. Yes, a fan is extremely loud and hot, but you do get used to it and you will wake up feeling a lot better than having the flu on your vacation.

Cheap flights to Luang Prabang Laos

The current flights to Luang Prabang are provided by Laos Airlines, Laos Central, Bangkok Airlines and soon to be opened Thai Smile.

The opening of Thai Smile is the most exciting piece of information seeing as they might be able to lower costs at flights.

Tickets are otherwise expensive seeing as a round ticket usually is around 350 USD. Laos Airlines and Bangkok Airline seldom put their Luang Prabang route on sale which is unusual business tactics seeing as some planes take off almost empty. Stories of how only five passengers have had more air staff per person than beers to drink, are widely spread. And also, if you’re choosing between tickets priced the same, remember that Laos Airline is the only company that provide free beer on board.

Weather in Luang Prabang is horrible from April, but there are upsides.

The consequences of the weather require a single entry. Weather in in Luang Prabang is truly horrible when the heat sets in and the only way you can survive it is by the side of a pool. If you have to be active, hydrate all the time. Yes, this will get you sweating even more, but it is still vital. On the plus-side, your skin and body will feel better that it has ever done. If you have any sort of injuries that causes pain, the heat will warm your limps to the point where you feel like 20 again (except that you will have no energy to utilize it). Equip yourself with patience and see the positive side of it, engaged in yoga in Luang Prabang. Many western yoga studios has started promoting yoga in heated classrooms, Luang Prabang yoga has offered this since always. Try it!

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