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Luang Prabang Laos – Lao PDR – Tourism, Travel Tips, Reviews – Luang Prabang

What to do in Luang prabang Laos

Luang Prabang offers a million activities to do and we will guide you to the bare minimum. When you covered that, you are free to travel onwards if you are in a hurry, but those with a taste for good life are advised to stay to continue to tick things off the list.

Starting out: Walk the inner city! It is exceptional and you will see grand colonial structures, discover weird little shops and spend very little money on delightful food.

Secondly, spend time eating at restaurants. Your only regret will be that you get full too quickly and that you are only used to eating three times per day (and because of heat you might only manage two times, terrible!) Food in Luang Prabang is cheap and mouthwatering. There is plenty to choose from and being conflicted on trying something new or rejoicing over last nights favorite will be your biggest issue.

Thirdly, visit temples! Even if you’ve visited South East Asia and are all templed out, visit the temples of Luang Prabang. They are beautiful and you can even just accidently see them, they are everywhere and you are bound to stumble across fantastic ones without even trying.

Fourth, explore nightlife Luang Prabang. There are delicious drinks to have, dance floors to shake on and new people to meet, not to mention the pool you can play. Nightlife in the city closes down at 11:30 pm but the party continues if you want it to. Ask around!

Fifth, hunt bargains at the night market. You will be embarrassed that you remember ever bargained on goods here as soon as you make it home to normal pricing. Also, check out the incredible inexpensive food on the side streets. You can’t get much more value for your money than that.

Sixth, do tours! This is a must. There is just too many cool and incredible things to experience to not do it. Again, your toughest challenge is going to be picking one, so do yourself a favour and count on doing at least two. Be mindful on tour operators thought!

Seventh, climb Mount Phousi and tell everybody about it. It has got splendid view, a weird name and a feeling of completing something once you get up there.

Eight, relax by any of the superb pools in Luang Prabang. Seeing at the country is landlocked, pools are your only way to work on the tan but the advantage of no sand bugs, no too-friendly-jelly-fishes and uneven resting material might get you to actually appreciate Luang Prabang as a new kind of beach get away place.

Ninth, visit a market. Any of the local ones will do but don’t miss out on this fascinating adventure to see where normal people do their groceries. Also, pick up excotic fruit and recognize what they are really supposed to taste like.

Tenth, sip on beers by the Mekong while enjoying the sunset. It is unbelievably pretty but don’t forget to actually enjoy it. Many find themselves caught behind their camera and fail to remember to see it.

These are our ten top suggestions but there is obviously tons more to do: yoga classes, motorbike rides, hiking to nearby places and shopping. Luang Prabang offers immense opportunity of things to do, enjoy it!

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