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Five Best Mid-range Luang Prabang Restaurants

The House
If it wasn’t for sensational Mr Wim, superb food, splendid atmosphere, prime location and the unusually good interior and exterior design, the House in the bar area would not be worth visiting. Seeing at it has all of that and then some, we highly recommend you a visit. Try the chicken kebab (something else than the kind of kebab we are use to) or the steak (not the price we are used to) or anything else of the menu, except maybe the pastas. They are fine, just not worth taking up stomach volume when there is so much else that is far better, but whatever you do on your visit in Luang Prabang, visit the House at least once. The rest is up to you, but you are going to want to come back.

Blue Lagoon
The restaurant can almost not be called a mid range restaurants because of pricing but Blue Lagoon isn’t quite as expensive as high range ones are nor does it hold that class. However has far superior (but annoying at times) service and is therefore still very worth a visit. The food is amazing. It taste proper good and will satisfy any urges for western food. On top of that you get herb butter and warm bread. That in itself is a reason to go there. The only thing of the menu not really worth it is desserts but chef’s recommendations make up for that by being delicious and usually good deals so visit Blue Lagoon. It’s what you want to treat yourself to after a exhausting bargain hunting at the night market.

Coconut garden
Part of the only multi restaurant enterprise, Coconut Garden does not have the same ambitions as its more posh version, L’elephant, nor as much of an French setting as Cafe Ban Vat Sene (all same owners), but it is well worth a visit. Service is often abysmal, only at times reaching ok (unless you are lucky to meet the managers and a handful of the old staff) but nothing that happens with the service is worth getting angry about though. You might have to return a pizza, drink a sort of warm coca cola but if you stick with the simple mainstream orders, you’ll be fine. The Lao set menu is one of the best in town (great deal) and the pasta fusion is really creative. Try it!

Le tables
Located on the main street, one is easily tricked into thinking this is another one of those restaurants that can survive of its location rather than delicious food. Le tables was presented to us by mistake, proving to be a fantastic deal. Their bean burgers are inventive, spicy and something out of the normal. The pork chop is a bargain and service is not half bad, you might have to wait a while to place your order but everyone usually get their food at the same time. The fact that you can watch the craziness of main street only adds to the pleasure.

Hive bar
And, saving the best for last, seeing as it also was the last restaurant to turn good, let us present Hive Bar. Hive Bar used to be a sad, low quality excuse of a bar (not even worth mentioning with restaurants) but has with new owners undergone an amazing transformation. Maybe it is the smoker that turns soggy bacon into one of a kind taste sensation or the un-worldly nice owner but Hive Bar has picked up its game. It is now not only a fun bar, but a great restaurant. The only bad thing is the two-for-one cocktails. For once you get what you pay for, so stay away! Everything else about this establishment is legitimately good. The burgers (smoked as well) have been said to one of the best.


Not only in Luang Prabang, but the world and if that is even half true, Hive Bar, nowadays, a restaurant, deserves a visit. Enjoy smoked food in Laos that holds a world standard.

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