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Luang Prabang Travel Tips and Hints

Luang Prabang is a fairly easy city to travel. There are no international chain stores but a western looking pharmacy sells most hygen good and the town’s two grocery stores can satisfy most cravings a western can have. Markets and local pharmacies does have a wide range of things and you are more likely to find a Lao favorite here that you will miss back home, than miss a western commodity when you are in Lao. However, if you have special medical condition, stock up on the medicine and don’t expect hospital or doctors to assist you. A essential Luang Prabang tips is to have an appropriate health insurance that cover transportation to Bangkok or Udon Thani. There is a reason expats joke that the Lao translation of “Take me to the hospital” is “Pai (which means “go to”) Bangkok.” The poor health care in Luang Prabang is no joke. The most important Luang Prabang tips stands to be repeated: make sure to have a good health insurance when travelling in Laos!

When it comes to safety when travelling, it is always advisable to be extra careful in general. Safety tips specific to Luang Prabang are to avoid walking along the Mekong or Namkang by yourself after dark, not bicycle after dark, not put possessions in your bicycle basket during daytime and be very mindful where you park your vehicle, particularly at night. We have had reports on people getting things stolen from their bicycle basket in broad daylight when they were bicycling. We have also heard about an incident at night when a person was bicycling with a bag across their sholders and some people on a motorbike tried to jerk it off while driving alongside the person. Instead of getting the bag of the person, the person fell and was dragged several meters because the people on the motorbike did not let go off the bag. These kind of incidents have been more frequent in recent times and calls for extra caution.

Summing Luang Prabang tips and hints up, it is a relatively safe destination and there are few incidents of mere violence, most incidents involve theft and have not reached brutal levels. However, do not expect to get justice restored by the police, many have had to nag to even get a copy of the police report. Another Luang Prabang hint, if you are unfortunate enough to be afflicted by any kind of crime, please do report, statistics are vital to promote change. But also, if you have an insurance that requires a police report, save yourself the trouble of asking for a copy, instead, our advice is to ask if you can take a photo of your report. The police seldom say no to this and insurance companies are satisfied with that. Believe us, asking for the actual report can prove astonishingly hard. And yes, the very last last Luang Prabang travel tips is, forget about rights and pride when dealing with the police, practice deep breathing and clutch fist in pocket, you will get nowhere by calling any other names than that of the guy of the 50 000 kip bill. Even if you have done nothing wrong.

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