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Luang Prabang Transportation

Transportation in Luang Prabang offers many alternatives. The inner city of Luang Prabang is easy enough to walk on foot and that is almost preferred due to the fact that there is one way traffic on both the roads by the river and many other sideroads. To walk from the beginning of the night market to the tip of the peninsula takes about 15 minutes if you go by the mainroad of Luang Prabang.

People with walking disabilities should be mindful of the sideroads by the rivers that can be uneven and that there is an elevation to reach the main road from those roads. Also, walking on the main road when the night market has opened (from around six pm) is difficult (unless you want to browse for commodities at the market) and takes significantly longer than normal.

Transportation by bicycle in Luang Prabang is a great alternative. Most guesthouses and many shops in Luang Prabang offer bicycles for rent. Consider wearing a helmet, be mindful of going the right direction and make sure to lock your bicycle to something when you park it and you will be fine. Also, if you are renting it over night, bring it inside to avoid theft after dark.

Transportation by motorbike in Luang Prabang and outside is a great way to explore the region further. Driving to the waterfalls or caves is an adventure in itself but be very careful not to go to fast, always wear a helmet and be wary of the sharp turns and unexpected traffic. If you are an inexperienced driver and you want to practise, be smart about it: Practise somewhere safe first (the old football field close to the gas station on the way out to Kuang Si waterfalls is a perfect spot) and then keep your head cool: You are new at driving and you have to go extremely slow because of that. The drive to Kuang Si waterfalls usually take around one hour. If you are new to driving, you should make an effort to make it take at least double. The drive is beautiful, the hospitals are not.

Luang Prabang transportation by tuk tuk is another alternative that can take you shorter or longer distances. If you hire a tuk tuk to go somewhere far, you negotiate a price for both ways. The tuk tuk will wait for you while you explore your spot and you usually pay the whole fare upon your arrival back in Luang Prabang. We have had few reports on tuk tuks tricking tourist on more than excessive pricing.

Inside the city of Luang Prabang you can also go by tuk tuk but you usually get less value for you money.
An unusual thing when it comes to pricing is that you seldom have any advantage of going more people in the same tuk tuk. Prices are stated per person which means that if you cram in ten people in a tuk tuk (which happens a lot) you are not only more unsafe, highly uncomfortable, but you usually still pay the same price as if three people would have travelled as kings and queens.

Going from the airport, there are seldom tuk tuks and the drive is worth doing in a taxi. Same rule applies when it comes to pricing, you pay per person and the prices are usually fixed. You can still negotiate and that works particularly well if you try to do it in Lao, but don’t expect too much, pay more attention to explaining where you are going to the people that sell you the ticket so that you get dropped off at the right place rather than having to spend extra money on more transportation when you realize you are lost.

Tax/mini-vans are also what will transport you to other cities so find a way to make them comfortable, it will help you.

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