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Luang Prabang Restaurants and Bars

There are enough restaurants in Luang Prabang for you to not have to eat at the same place for several months. If you want to try new dishes, you would have to go with the same combination for years but that doesn’t mean that everything is worthy of you stomach space anyway (don’t worry about money, few places will really create a crater in your wallet, it’s more the fact that you have to stop eating at some point or you will explode).

There are generally XX types of categories to choose from. Starting from the cheapest you can feed yourself for barely nothing on street food and night market food. It is tasty but you will get enough MSG in your system to go for the rest of your life (it’s what makes it so enjoyable). People do get sick off of street food but not to the extent it gets a bad reputation. At the night market, they warm the food up for you and most street vendors do the same. However, be mindful not to buy things that are meant to bring home and be cooked. That will get you sick!

Moving up a bit there are the hot pots. It’s a fun and interactive way of eating. You will get a hot pot in the middle of the table, a set of protein products, veggies, eggs and stock to pour on the sides of the hot pot. The egg is meant to be broken into the stock, not to be boiled. You then fry your protein (chicken, pork, tofu, red meat etc) and eat it with dipping sauces. Some places will let you go buffet style and you can get as much of everything you want, and others serve you a basket. On the buffet places, they usually impose a fee if you don’t finish what you have taken.
The whole experience is a social and creative way of eating. This time its your responsibility to make sure you don’t get sick by cooking the food completely through. Don’t count on anything to be in a state where it would be ok to eat raw.

Continuing, Luang Prabang has plenty rice shops that serve low-priced rice that will change you view on what rice should taste like. The dosage of MSG will make you head hurt for a day but if you combine it with unconventional amounts of Beer Lao, you will have a fantastic night, followed by a fantastic hang over, all very worth it!
The choice of mid range restaurants is huge and there are both Lao and Western own one. Most serve both Lao and Western food and some does it better than others. Start out with some of our picks and ask them what other places they recommend for the most updated and best picks.

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