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Luang Prabang Laos Guesthouse Curfews

Most guesthouses have a midnight curfew seeing as the town closes down at 11:30 pm. This is because people want to get up to give alms to the monks in the morning. Us tourists, on the other hand, usually enjoy staying up. What to do?

- Come back in time! (Easy enough)

- If you do want to come late, tell the staff at the guesthouse what your plans are and ask how you can make that happen
(getting a key to the gate for the night is one solution).

- Don’t climb walls. Chances are that you wouldn’t be Spider Man even if you were dead sober.

- Do wake the guest house people and apologize, way better than all other alternatives unless…

- Pull an all nighter: visit a restaurants, drink at a bar, go bowling, do Yensabai and finish with noodle soup until the owner’s of the guest house get up (around 5 am to give alms).
Have fun!

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