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Hotels and Guest Houses in Luang Prabang

Accommodation in Luang Prabang ranges from cheap guest houses to expensive and luxurious hotels. Any kind of traveller can find their prefered living place here. However, Luang Prabang is generally a bit more expensive when it comes to hotels and guest houses than other parts of Laos which can be good to keep in mind. During the low season and if you are staying longer periods, you usually can negotiate better deals. This can both be done by contacting the hotel directly or booking through an agent.

Midrange travellers can find comfortable living in central Luang Prabang and enjoy both competent service and western luxuries for a lot less than the equivalent accommodation would cost in many other places.

High class travellers have a surprising amount of options to choose from. The hotels in town holds a high standard and the guests are usually fewer than the available beds. If you are prepared to spend more money on living, make sure to check for deals to get the most value.

Guest Houses
Luang Prabang is generally a bit more expensive than the rest of Laos. Be cautious of that when are planning your stay. With the cheapest types of living, expect a simple bed, maybe shared bathroom, and definitely a locked gate if you arrive after eleven. The locked gate doesn’t mean you are not allowed in, just that you have to wake the hosts up and it will be a question for you conscious what to do with that. If you are prepared to pay just a little bit more, you can find guesthouses with reasonable comfortable beds, private bathroom and an optional AC. The locked gate is usually still there.

You can find cheap guesthouses that will not only be the place you sleep but also your guide to Lao culture. Many guest houses are family run which means that the family might live in the same building as the guest house. Be wary of that when deciding on your guest house as many wind up staying longer in Luang Prabang than they thought, which makes your choice important.

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