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Five Best Mid-Range Hotels in Luang Prabang Laos

Luang Prabang has a surprising amount of mid range ($80 – $450 USD) hotels considering its size. If you are assessing staying in one of them, check out what deals they offer, it usually pays in low seasons. Prices drop significantly and free upgrades can be negotiated.

Here is our pick of five mid range hotels:

1. Le Sen Boutique Hotel – great value, great facility
This newly opened boutique hotel opened up in 2013 and seems to have done really well for themselves. Rooms start at 80 USD and can range upwards to 220 USD in high season.

The hotel is located close to the admirable Wat Mano and is a fifteen minutes walk from night market. The complex has a notably well equipped (for Luang Prabang standards) gym, a splashy swimming pool and a nice restaurant. The standard rooms are not overly spacious but good enough, the bathrooms are inviting (besides the fact that they turn into bathtubs because of poor drainage) and room service is abysmal but use the restaurant to make all well.

This hotel is currently the best value for your money taking in to account its location, the level of service and the modernity of the building. Make sure to book in advance, their occupancy has been high.

2. Maison Souvannaphoum Hotel – a perfect location
The former home of a prince, Maison Souvannaphoum hotel comprise of 24 rooms and suites and has an inviting swimming pool, a tasty restaurant and a lush garden. It is the one of our favorite five hotel closest to night market, which makes it easy to access all of the town’s other adventure.

Maison Souvannaphoum Hotel has been run by the same general manager for the last couple of years (march 2012) which is fairly unusual for a city where general manager get changed or leave with the seasons. Maybe that has lead to the fact that service standard is high because that is what you can expect from this establishment.

Prices usually start at around 300 USD but can be cut in low season and is a good option for those who wish to be able to walk to most places.

3. Kiridara Hotel – stunning view
Located outside of the city with a stunning view over Luang Prabang with all of its temples lays Kiridara hotel. The hotel offers free shuttle service and they should get extra ups for that. You can’t walk anywhere from here really but seeing as the view truly is exceptional and the restaurant offers splendid, not excessively overpriced food, you might spend a night or two just at the hotel.

The complex has 24 rooms and suites, a gym, a restaurant with outdoor dining (a must when it is available, it is so breathtaking) and an out of the ordinary swimming pool. The pool is that great because of it’s location. Hanging from the side, you can overlook the gorgeous city of Luang Prabang and all of its lush green. That is a true luxury.
Price range from 230 USD and up but they are good at offering deals on even shorter stays.

Stay at Kiridara to enjoy living in a place with stunning view and good service.

4. Satri House – different style
Located in an another old prince’s home, Satri house takes up an entire block on the eastern end of the city. The construction was turned into a hotel in 2002 and now encompass of 31 rooms and suites. There is a cloudy swimming pool and an actually muddy water basin in the massive garden area that resemble the garden from Alice in Wonderland. Don’t let Alice wander by herself for she is sure to get lost in the maze that the complex is. Finding the way back to your room might as well be the trickiest thing you will do on a given day.

The hotel is technically not far from the night market, but it feels further due to the winding roads that one has to mesh through to get there. The hotel offers bike rent and that is advisable to utilize that to optimise your chance of fully exploring the city.

The rooms are ample and full of antiques. If you are on the clumsy side, this might make you nervous, however it is rare to get to sleep in a museum.

The service is outstanding, subtle little things will happen every time you leave the room that is really clever and makes you feel well looked after. The restaurant offers a great breakfast but the normal food is overpriced.
All in all, the hotel is great for those who have a lot of spare cash, rooms start at 278 USD to 480 USD. If you appreciate a different setting, that of antique artifacts and royal architecture, you will love Satri House. Service really is exceptional and there is even a over priced SPA to spend money on. If you have it, you will love it.

5. The Luang Say Residence – exclusive retreat.
A roughly 15,000 kip tuk tuk ride away from the city center lays this hidden luxurious hotel. Rooms are around 300 USD, i.e. the higher end, however the hotel is beautifully designed and service is uttermost professional, especially in the more than descant but expensive restaurant. The hotel comprise of 24 suites, dining room, library and an abundant swimming pool. The neighbourhood is nice in itself but when you want to sightsee in town, you need to arrange transportation. Stay here if you have the cash to spend, not necessarily feel the need to be able to stroll everywhere and appreciate spending time in a lush environment that might just give you a limited side of Laos.

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