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Five best Luang Prabang rice and noodle shops

Asia is known for cheap eats and the night market in Luang Prabang with its many buffers, is no exception. However, rice/noodle shops of Luang Prabang is a whole other level of cheap dining. 15,000 kip will get you a fit for a king candle lit sit down dinner (if you bring your own candles) and table service. Not bad for less than 2 USD… Here is our favorite picks from the Luang Prabang rice/noodle shop scene. However, remember to minimize your general MSG intake months after as you will probably consume more over that dinner that you’ve hopefully done in the last couple of years.

1. The rice place across from Le Sen Boutique Hotel
On the road that runs from Luang Prabang’s only intersection, past Wat Mano (same road as Atslan rice shop) close to Pho Vao Road (meaning the other end from the roundabout away from the city) lays this rice shop with excellent pricing and delicious fried rice. They serve just normal fried rice but also dishes like fried pork etc. They have an English menu that does not translate well but be daring. Dishes are 12-15,000 kip per piece so there should be room to gamble. Order a beer, wait for your food, watch TV or eavesdrop on other westerner talk about their day, they are usually expats and can give you insides to Luang Prabang. If you do order the fried rice, add a fried egg for 3,000 kip to make your meal perfect. Welcome to the Luang Prabang scene of heavenly fried rice!

2. Atslan rice shop
MSG, oh MSG! This place should be sponsored by MSG (wait, maybe they are) because no other place make dishes with MSG so delicious. You get the worse kind of headaches (yes, you will fear tummy ache but actually wind up with a headache instead), you will feel tired and completely out of shape, but for the deliciousness of their fried rice you will come back again, and again.

Atslan rice shop is located close to the night market, on the road that runs towards Wat Mano just after Luang Prabang’s only round about. Eat at the restaurant, the offer fun entertainment with people walking by, or get your MSG infused dish to go. Prices are as low as the level of English of the staff, unless you catch the English speaking order taker who works during days. Enjoy your rice, suffer the consequence and the do it all again.

3. The rice shop across from Yensabai
So there are no McDonald’s in Luang Prabang (heck, not anywhere in Laos), if you want to get your late night munchies satisfied, this is your spot. Assuming you made it safely to Yensabai bar and survived it, you next stop is across, but be careful, tons of drunks drive on that road and don’t expect them to wear glasses (if you catch the drift).
Technically there are two rice places across from Yensabai but we recommend the one further to the right. The girls serving the food usually have a fascinating amount of foundation-powder combination that you can spend your entire waiting for food trying to figure out if it actually moves or if it is as stale as it looks.
Food is ok, if you order soup (fuh) you make most of the seasoning yourself so no need to blame them if you don’t like it. Make sure you visit this place at least once during you Luang Prabang stay if you are a party person, it will be the closest to the late night McDonalds you can get.

4. The place close to the boat landing
By the Mekong, rice places multiply and expand not necessarily because of profitability but for the fact that the land will be confiscated by the government unless it is utilised. If you add the fact that tourists have to walk by the Mekong at least once and are bound to get hungry at one point, the rice place can count on at least a few guests to keep up appearance. This one particular place does seem to be a lot more popular than the others and we have yet to figure out why. We know it is not because of the food because it is not anything worth notey, it’s standard cheap eats without the cheap. However, the described place is next to the boat landing and that might account for its popularity. The food has already been described, the service is missing but mint juice drinks are quite refreshing and yes, they sell beer and have a beer opener (most of the time) so try this place: beautiful sunset and beers by the Mekong does make their fried rice taste a lot better.

5. The place close the gas station
On the road that runs past Aussie Bar and Utopia, all the way to the gas station, there is an easy to miss rice place that serves excellent inexpensive food. The fun thing about this place is that it is not exactly catered towards westerners but still have a menu in English. The usual crowd is more middle class Lao who does not want to get poisoned by the MSG of most other rice places but still enjoy a cheap eat. The food is home cooked and most dishes are appetizing. Enjoy the interior of a normal rice place (wooden furniture etc) but the unordinary delicacies of a pleasant rice place.

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