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Five Best Luang Prabang Bars

The Luang Prabang party scene is fun and full of opportunity to play. Tons of tourists invade the city making it ever changing. The one thing that does not change is the closing hours with a shocking curfew at 11:30 pm. Consider this a chance to alter routines instead of something worth fighting. Eventually you will find out where to party after hours, but in the beginning, accept it, and work around it. It’s a fun challenge!

1. Opera house
Located on the main street, the Opera house is a petite wine bar with a cosy setting and friendly service. Wine is served chilled, peanuts are constantly being refilled and you have front seats to never ending entertainment on the main street. Prices are more than reasonable and there is nothing to complain about at this establishment. Visit this bar for good conversation opportunity, relaxed atmosphere and quality time with people you already know or want to get to know.

2. Hive bar
Hive bar has changed a lot with its new owner. Since the fall of 2012 menus have improved, quality events have started taking place and service has bolstered. The two-for-one cocktails are not worth writing home about but all other liquids delightful, food is insanely good and happenings are more creative than most. At night a fashion show followed by a gifted break dancing performance entertain guests before a DJ takes over. There is plenty of seating and the venue is a nice place to meet up with larger groups to get into the party mood.

3. Redbul bar
Wee bit small, Redbul bar frequently hosts massive dance offs with tourists, the Lao party crowd and expats shaking their sweat all over the place. Other nights, the pool table attracts players and their company for friendly interactions. A foosball table has been known to break up those bonds of camaraderie but luckily there is outdoor seating to mend it all. Redbul bar is a cool little bar to meet up with old friends or make new ones. Interesting people hang out here, a mix of Lao, expats and tourist. Add that to cheap drinks and a funky environment and you’ve got yourself a new party scene.

4. Utopia
Utopia should earn points for all the encounters of strangers they’ve facilitated and maybe trade for bad review because of service. The bar is one of the best places to meet new people. It has numerous interaction points with a volleyball court, a sort of long bar and plenty of low seating to make you stumble over someone cute. Dancing takes place here at night but the truly magical thing about Utopia is that it is usable all day. The Utopia morning starts with yoga and breakfast, to be followed up by vacation related midday drinking before dinner time and later. (It closes at 11:30 pm like everything else) night hang out. Have fun!

5. Icon club
Unquestionable the only genuine bar in Luang Prabang this place puts all the other so called bars to shame. It has a unique interior design, yummy drinks (actual mixed drinks with recipes) a hip bar counter and unfortunately the prices to go with that. It is the most expensive bar of inner city regulars, but still much better priced than the hotel equivalent and far superior. Instead of the deserted venues, nervous service and distant location, Icon club offer a fun setting, friendly bar tender and tasty drinks. Come here alone to chat to the owner and make new friends, or go here to treat you and your company to a luxurious night in what could have been any western bar, but definitely isn’t. You will like it!

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